Tender Beast - Press Release Tender Beast” is the debut record by The Keener Family, a kinship of veteran Midwestern rockers under the leadership of Chicago-based artist, Christopher Keener (Magical Beautiful, Jerusalem & The Starbaskets, Love and Other Crimes). Recorded with Robby Haynes (Record Low, Mayor Daley, Ulta) at Strange Magic Recordings in Chicago, “Tender Beast” is a plea for a new masculinity, a reflection of the deadly hope that our sons can grow up to be kinder, better men than their fathers. Keener worked and reworked the lyrics over a period of years; the results are at once precise and evocative, devastating yet redemptive. But what does it sound like? Townes Van Zandt in a chainsaw duel with John Cale? The midnight musings of a long-lost Bad Seed? My Bloody Valentine by way of rural Missouri? Sure. File under backwoods-country-goth-dream-pop. #bootgaze This is music of the opioid crisis; a soundtrack to the overthrow of toxic masculinity. It’s narcotic, it is tragic, and it is long overdue. For listeners who love SunnO))) and The Handsome Family with equal fervor, “Tender Beast” is the perfect prescription